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  <>Life Skills with Attitude!


Overcoming Job Burnout

Get Peak Performance Every Day

Finding a Path 
with a Heart


From Conflict to Cooperation

The Way of the Ronin

Living Cheaply
with Style

Change Your Mind
Change Your Weight

Be Fire Safe!

High Performance 
Goal Setting

Youth Extension     A to Z

Managing Yourself for Excellence


Leary Library

Your Brain 
Is God

The Fugitive Philosopher

Change Your Brain

The Politics of Self-Determination

Start Your 
Own Religion



Musings on 
Human Metamorphoses

The Politics of PsychoPharmocology

Alternatives to Involuntary Death

Search for the True Aphrodisiac



Lilly Library



The Quiet Center

The Steersman




Mushroom Wisdom

Sacred Mushrooms of the Goddess

Healing Magic 
of Cannabis



Beyond Consciousness
What Happens After Death

Start Your 
Own Religion

The Quiet Center

Your Brain Is God


Pass The test
An Employee Guide
to Drug Testing

Marijuana Law



Ghost Hunting

Hauntings & Potergist

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