Isbn: 1-57951-067-1
192 pages, $12.95

"The Sam Spade 
of real ghostbusters"

--San Francisco Chronicle



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Dr. Paranormal

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Ghost Hunting
How to Investigate the Paranormal
Loyd Auerbach
aka "Dr. Paranormal"

GHOST HUNTING tells what apparations, hauntings and poltergeists really are.  Ghostbuster Loyd Auerbach describes the many forms ghostly phenomena can take and the methods paraphyshologists use to study them.  He explains the technoogy used by ghost hunters and when equipment is and is not helpful.  If you've encountered a ghost yourself, this book will show you how to investigate your experiences step-by-step and how to use the ghost busters methods to make your home "ghost-free."

In GHOST HUNTING you will discover

How to tell paranormal events from coincidence.
What's really going on with poltergeists.
How to investigate ghost sightings.
How to befriend your ghost.
How to get rid of unwanted spirits.
What to do if you have a ghostly encounter.
All this and more . . . 
GHOST HUNTING shows how to tell the difference between the normal and paranormal -- and the just plain weird.  It describes how to investigate other-worldly experiences by using the methods of professional ghost hunters to come to the right conclusions and determine how to bust -- or befriend -- the presence.

If you want to hunt ghosts yourself, then read GHOST HUNTING, which is based on the real life cases of one of the most respected paranormal investigators on the planet Earth.  Learn how to approach ghost hunting as an objective parapsychologist would to uncover what is really going on.  Includes step-by-step instructions for interviewing witnesses and launching an investigation.