Six Steps to Stand Up to Power
by Mary Baker
isbn 978-1-57951-191-0

Six Steps to Stand Up

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The Worrywart's Companion
Twenty-One Ways to Soothe Yourself & Worry Smart.
by Dr. Beverly Potter

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Are YOU trapped in Worry?
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Question Authority
to Think for Yourself

Dr. Beverly Potter


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Overcoming Job Burnout
How to Renew Enthusiasm 
For Work
Dr. Beverly Potter

Audio Cassette
How To Increase Job Satisfaction
Audio Cassette, $9.95
Interview produced by Psychology Today


The Way of the Ronin
Riding the Waves of Change
Dr. Beverly Potter

Free Agents - Who are they?

Patriots Handbook
By Beverly Potter

Managing Yourself for Excellence
How to Be a Can-Do Person
Dr. Beverly Potter


High Performance Goal Setting
Using Intuition to 
Conceive & Achieve Your Dreams
Dr. Beverly Potter
Finding a Path 
with a Heart
How to Go from Burnout to Bliss
Dr. Beverly Potter
Foreword by Michael Toms

Living Cheaply 
with Style
Live Better & Spend Less
Ernest Callenbach


Get Peak Performance Everyday
How To Manage Like a Coach

Dr. Beverly Potter
From Conflict to Cooperation
How to Mediate a Dispute
Dr. Beverly Potter
Illustrations by Phil Frank
Turning Around
Keys to Motivation and Productivity
Dr. Beverly Potter
Be Fire Safe!
How to Avoid Fires & How to Reduce Loss and Recover From Your Insurance if You Do Have One

Steve Shepard, Ph.D.


The Emerald Food 
& The Amazing Alchemist
D. Bewicke

Book review

Book Review

Maverick as Master 
in Marketplace
The Way of the Office Warrior
Dr. Beverly Potter
Audio Cassette, $9.95
New Dimensions Production
Interview with Michael Toms



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