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"This book is packed with ideas for improving upon the quality of life without spending a fortune."

-The Bookwatch

 "Frugal ways to live a self-determined, original life-style... sound, economical advice."

-Library Journal

 "Callenbach stresses that living on less doesn't mean self-sacrifice; on the contrary, smart shopping and green choices mean a better quality of life and more time for fun."

-Open Exchange


Living Cheaply With Style
Smart Ways to Live Better and Spend Less
Ernest Callenbach

ive better. Save money. Improve your health. Do something for the planet. After reading Ernest Callenbach's Living Cheaply With Style you'll be able to do them all. 

Even in the most prosperous of times many people have limited funds and must live cheaply.  To Earnest Callenbach, author of Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging,style comes from expressing yourself and he shows how to live stylishly while spenidng less.

Living Cheaply with Style has much to offer people with comfortable icomes, too. there is the question of "enoughness" which is different for each person. By stressing the feeling of satisfaction that comes from personal competence and a sense of having enough, Callenbach shows how these qualities contribute to an independent, thoughtful, resilient personal style. 

Living Cheaply with Style is a fun book filled with practical and ecologically sensible ideas on how to spend less money while improving the quality of your life. It covers a wide range of topics including food, housing, clothes, furniture, health, entertainment, transportation dealing with the law, and more. This book will show you how to analyze your real needs and wants, beat rising costs and expand the pleasures in your life. His steady stream of creative suggestions will help you furnish your home attractively at a low cost, borrow money cheaply, protect your health and much more. 

Underlying Callenbach's suggestions is his concept of the "Green Triangle," which states that the environment, health, and money are all intertwined. If you do something good for one, the others will also benefit. For instance, if you ride a bike to work to save on car expenses you will improve your health and reduce pollution.

Living Cheaply With Style provides an encyclopedia of tips on how to stretch a dollar while adding to your quality of life. "If we learn to live smarter," says Callenbach, "we can tap a rich potential for sustaining healthy, productive, and happy lives -- lives with real personal style."

One way we can understand some critical everyday regularities is by considering what I call the Green Triangle: the three points of the triangle are environment, health, and money. The principle that relates these three points is: Anytime you do something beneficial for one of them, you will almost inevitably do something beneficial for the other two.

If you apply the Green Triangle to your everyday life, examples of delightful synergistic effects can be found everywhere. Some cases: Low or no-cost fun with other people is almost always more ecologically and financially desirable than hard work and heavy consumption. 


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