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Honor Enoughness
Ernest Callenbach

Until recently, being frugal was honored. People were proud of doing things economically, of not wasting, of making do with what was available. This book will help you to be thrifty in ways your grandparents would find familiar.

A Challenge
It’s a fascinating challenge to see what is the absolute minimum you can lead a good life on—and it’s a lot less than most people imagine. It’s not necessary to be a fanatic, only thoughtful. Once your necessities of food, shelter, and medical care have been met, an honest evaluation of your experience will almost certainly show that, beyond a certain point, most added expenditures bring decreasing returns of satisfaction.

After that point, your precious life’s time—the only resource you’re born into the world with—is being used to procure things that leave you restless and disappointed or may actually decrease your real happiness. If you learn what “enough” is for you, you’ll keep better control of your time and yearn less after having more stuff.