Second Edition
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Appendix, questionnaire
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"If it's possible to cure burnout with a book, this one could do it."
-Savvy Magazine

Police Burnout

Overcoming Executive Burnout

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Overcoming Job Burnout 
How Renew Enthusiasm For Work
Dr. Beverly Potter

ens of millions of workers in the United States suffer from feelings of powerlessness in the workplace which can destroy motivation and enthusiasm for work. Burnout is especially prevalent in this era of restructuring and job displacement.

Overcoming Job Burnout tells how to renew enthusiasm for work by developing personal power. This upbeat guide shows how to recognize job burnout and overcome it through a progression of positive changes, including setting goals, managing stress, building a strong social support system, modifying the job, developing needed skills, changing jobs, modifying powerless thinking and developing detached concern.

OvercomingJob Burnout provides important information that managers, counselors, and individuals can utilize daily to eliminate feelings of powerlessness on the job.

This new edition is a complete rewrite and update of the 1980 classic and includes the "Burnout Potential Inventory."

"Without work, all life goes rotten, but when work is soulless, life stifles and dies."
-Albert Camus 

Many people experience work as drudgery and their jobs as painfully empty. A "soulless" work day can leave people feeling drained and "used up," with little desire to return to that job the next day. Soulless work consumes enthusiasm until motivation goes dry. Skills and knowledge remains intact, but the will to perform - the spirit within - is diminished. Smothering the will, burnout is a malaise of the spirit. In the process motivation, that mysterious force that gets us moving is damaged - in the worst cases, even destroyed.

No one is immune from job burnout. Any person, in any profession, at any level can become a candidate for job burnout.

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