288 pp 
32 photos 
Bibliography of 125 publications 
by John Lilly 
ISBN 0-914171-72-0 


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"Guard your copy of The Scientist. It's a precious relic of our wonderful, incredible age."

-Timothy Leary

 "If there is a cartographer of altered states of consciousness - of the highways and byways of the inner trip - it is John Lilly, a rare combination of scientist and mystic."

-Psychology Today


The Scientist
A Metaphysical Autobiography
New Edition
John C. Lilly, M.D.
Foreword by Timothy Leary

he scientist is John Lilly, M.D., pioneer in electronics, biophysics, neurophysiology, computer theory and neuroanatomy, the researcher who served as the basis of the films Day of the Dolphin and Altered States. The author of Mind of the Dolphin and Center of the Cyclone tells the story of his astonishing discoveries -- from his early experiments mapping the brains of monkeys and communication with dolphins to his awesome breakthroughs with consciousness expanding drugs and isolation tanks. 

In The Scientist, John Lilly tells his behind-the-scenes story about teaching dolphins to talk and about his discoveries with LSD and in flotation tanks. This is an expanded edition of with "bubbles" of consensus reality - text and photos - in the hyperspace narrative. It includes an introduction by Timothy Leary, along with biographical and bibliographic information.

The Scientist includes an update on John Lilly's work with human/dolphin communication and the results of reintroduction of captive dolphins and other cetaceans to the wild. 

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