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The Little Book of Heroin
Francis Moraes, Ph.D.


Fact? or Myth?

Find out in The Little Book of Heroin

The word heroincalls forth strong emotions - especially fear.  It is much like our fear of Satan - an active agent that entices the young and innocent with initial pleasures of the fleah, but once ensnared they face a life of slavery and misery - a living hell!

Such extreme reactions exacerbate the problem. Recreational drug adventurers quickly dispel the myth, creating a huge credibility gap. "Everything they said was a lie.  I can resist this - if I want to!" Once hooked, or heavily "chipping" - also called  - "pre-addicted" - the victim is no longer innocent and hides in shame, finding refuge with junkie outcasts - instead of seeking help.

The Little Book of Heroin is a straight forward look at heroin and who junkies are really. It covers  history and the evolution from opium to morphine to heroin; how heroin is procured on the "street" and how it is chemically purified; ways heroin is used and diseases junkies get;  methods of detox and the real dangers of "sudden death" and much more.

The Little Book of Heroin replaces myths with solid information useful to the user for reducing harm and to concerned family, friends, and professionals who want to better understand it all.

Review of HeroinHelper site by UK Harm Reduction Association

I've just discovered a rather nice site with a Harm Reduction 
orientation that's all about heroin. The site is called Heroin Helper 
and is aimed at users, their families and anyone else interested in the 
issue of heroin use and heroin addiction... 

[I]t's an extremely well informed and nicely laid 
out piece of work. What's more, [it seems] to have managed to 
have avoid falling foul of the tendency to glamourise or underplay the 
dangers associated with heroin use -- a problem that seems to plague 
many of the 'professional' US harm reduction projects. 


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