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POP Culture

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Divine Mushrooms
& Fungi

by John W Allen


Amazing to read! … a well-documented full life historical and ethnomycological narrative … how to find and experience the “psilophoric” physical, mental, and visual effects for which the mushrooms are known ….

— Jan Borovicˇka, Ph.D.
Academy of Sciences
Prague, Czech Republic

DIVINE MUSHROOMS & FUNGI tells a charming story of ‘shroom hunter, John W. Allen’s adventures in hunting the illusive magic mushrooms and of how colored geometrical and geodesic kaleidoscopic visions spoke to him. “I heard the color of the music surrounding and engulfing my very spirit in synchronicity and I heard it shout out my mantra.” During one spectacular voyage from Ho’o’kipa, a shack on Maui along the Hana Highway he met two large Bufos‑toads that secret a poison from their glands.


Lavishly illustrated with more than 200 color photographs and  mushroomic inspired graphic art vignettes, DIVINE MUSHROOMS & FUNGI tells how to find and Identify magic mushrooms. Allen reveals his favorite ‘shroom hunting locations, describes the best method for picking and collecting ‘shrooms—including which containers reduce damage that leads to bluing, mushroom lifecycle, and spore dispersal. The bluing phenomena and how to make a spore print are described in detail and illustrated with stunning photographs. Allen explains mushrooms toxicology, with important cautions about poisonous mushrooms.


DIVINE MUSHROOMS & FUNGI features several of the most common species of psilocybian fungi.  A wonderful addition to the library of professional and amateur mycologists alike. 


A sparkling treasure chest of truly magnificent, absolutely stunning photography,  masterfully blended with rare scientific and historic information about the enchanted world of magic mushrooms. 

—David Jay Brown,
The New Science of Psychedelics