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Midsummer 2000
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Literary Review

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out
Timothy Leary

This is a reprint  of Chapters 12-22 of The Politics of Ecstasy in one handy
volume and includes some  absolute gems from the High Priest of LSD. Some of
the  best bits are the reprints of lectures given by Tim; his address to
college students  at the Second Annual  Symposium on American Values and an
LSD  conference sponsored  by the  University of  California. In  both these
pieces the humour, the penetrating intelligence and the masterful word-play
of Leary are brought sparkling to life.

Lots of people have heard of Leary (but many havenít actually read him) and,
to be sure, some of his terminology and predictions are now dated, but that
really isnít the point.  The fact is this is a man who was an explorer of a
new and rich psychedelic territory, someone who was prepared to stand up
against the forces of awe and boredom, and someone with a real love of life,
a celebrant of the majestic human condition.

If  youíve never read any of  Learyís work  this well produced  volume would
be an ideal place to  start. This is timeless wisdom pumped  out with 60s energy
and conviction, great stuff!   óJV

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