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Acid Trips & Chemistry
Cam Cloud

ACID -the chemical also known as LSD-25-is among the most powerful mind-alterning substances now to science.An unprecedented tool for spiritual and psychological exploration, acid takes effect after only a miscrospic amount is ingested. Yet most people know very little about this influential molecule.

Exhaustively research, Acid Trips & Chemistry cuts through the confusion and delivers the facts about:

    Chemical formulas.

    Causes of a bad trip.

    What factors influence a trip.

    Acid's spiritual and creative effectPlant sources of LSD-like chemicals.

    The myth of "bad" acid.

    The law and acid.

Acid Trips & Chemistry also tells about the ergot fungus that underground chemists use to manufacture acid, along with how scientists cultivate ergot, process it to extract chemicals, and transform the chemicals into LSD.

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