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Sexy Sacred Mushrooms
John W. Allen

SEXY SACRED ‘SHROOMS chronicles the use of psilocybian and other fungi to produce intense  euphoric sexual unions with hours of pure orgasmic pleasure.

The aphrodisiac effects of mushrooms were first reported around the time of the conquest of Nuva España. Francisco Flores, Diego Duran and Bernardo de Sahagún  described mushrooms used by Aztecs priests and their followers to produce “provoked lust”.
In the mid-20th Century entheogenic scholars, like R. Gordon Wasson, Albert Hofmann, Weston  LaBarre, Maria Sabina, Florence Cowan, Eunice Pike, Tim Leary, Richard Alpert and Aldous Huxley reported experiencing euphoric erotic effects and observing erotic sensuality in others while they were under the influence psilocybine. Many claimed they had found the perfect aphrodisiac. 

SEXY SACRED ‘SHROOMS is embellished from Allen’s personal experiences and features pre-historical evidence of sexual activities between humans,  animals, sex and mushrooms, and phallic symbolism, rites of spring and fertility festivals—with fabulous photographs.