New Age/Philosophy 
208 pp 
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"Erudite, witty & genuinely scary . . . ."

-Publisher's Weekly

 "A 21st-Century Renaissance Man . . . Funny, wise and optimistic."

-Denver Post

 "Hilarious . . . multi-dimensional . . . a laugh a paragraph."

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 "Prompts the cosmic with sex, coincidence, suspense, and flip humor." 



Right Where You Are Sitting Now
Further Tales Of The Illuminati
Robert Anton Wilson

ight Where You Are Sitting Now is a fascinating collection of mind-bending ideas. In Right Where You Are Sitting Now , visionary thinker Robert Anton Wilson examines the jumping Jesus phenomenon, talks with Buckminster Fuller, finds a "maybe" in the universe, eyeballs Carl Sagan, asks whether God is a dope (or just plain clumsy), explores the neurogeography of conspiracy, exposes his own credo, and tells you how to have fun with your own head, right where you are sitting now.

Our psychic universe is expanding even more rapidly than the physical universe. Let us define the measurement of known scientific facts in the year 1 A.D. as "one jesus," using the name of the celebrated philosopher born that year. 

Before going any further, let us ask how long it took to arrive at one jesus. One way of estimating is to take the estimated age of homo sapiens, in which case it took 40,000 to 100,000 years.

How long did it take to double this accumulation of knowledge, to achieve two jesuses? It required 1500 years - until 1500 A.D. How long did it take to double again and obtain four jesuses? It required 250 years, and we had four jesuses in our larder by 1750. 

The next doubling took 150 years, and by 1900 A.D. humanity had eight jesuses in our information account. The next doubling took 50 years, and by 1950 we had 16 jesuses. The next, ten years, and by 1960 we had 32 jesuses. The next doubling took seven years, and by 1967 we had 64 jesuses. And the next doubling took 6 years; by 1973 we have 128 jesuses. 

There is no reason to imagine that the acceleration has stopped. Thus, we almost certainly reached 256 j around 1978-79 and 512 j in 1982. 

In short, we are living in a mental transformation space; that is, an omnidimensional halo expanding toward infinity in all directions. And the electronic center of this halo of mentation is possibly everywhere. It is all available to you right where you are sitting now. Just plug in a terminal. The machine doesn't care who or what you are. 


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