Twentieth Century Alchemist Series

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86 pp. 32 illus.
ISBN 978-0914171-95-9

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Peyote has been used ceremonially by the native peoples of the Americas as a spiritual medicine for close to 3,000 years.

Book Review

by Leonard Mercado
Peyote Foundation Journal

    Adam Gottlieb
    PEYOTE AND OTHER PSYCHOACTIVE CACTI is a concise and readable guide to the art of cultivating peyote, San Pedro, and the numerous other entheogenic cacti. 

    In light of the possible extinction of wild peyote, PEYOTE is a timely resource for those who feel a responsibility to preserve this sacred medicine. This revised underground classic describes:

      Methods of using psychoactive cacti

      Cultivating cacti from

      Extracting alkaloids

      Increasing the yield of mescaline

      Legal status of entheogenic cacti

. . .a "must read" . . .
-Leonard Mercado

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