96 pp 
Photos, drawings 
Botanical & pharmaceutical 
appendices, Bibliography 
ISBN 0-914171-67-4 

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Opium Poppy Garden
The Way Of A Chinese Grower
William Griffith
Illustrated by Suzan Neri

pium Poppy Garden is a complete guide to cultivating and harvesting this beautiful plant. The poppy is one of the most potent flowers in the herbal pharmacopoeia and has been used to alleviate discomfort for millennia. The use of plant substances as alternatives to synthetic medicines is resurging due to their beneficial properties and less-toxic side effects. 

Opium Poppy Garden is the tale of Ch'ien, a young Chinese man, as he travels from Costa Rica to Columbia in order to grow an opium garden in the manner his Taoist grandfather taught him. Combining literary and instructional writing with technical information on cultivation and pharmacology to provide the reader with a working knowledge of the beautiful and exotic opium poppy. 

Fantastic Gardening Source Don't miss this one!

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