Hallucinogenic and Poisonous
Mushroom Field Guide
Second Edition
Gary Menser


146 pp.

50 black & white illustrations
32 color photos

ISBN 978-0-9014171-89-8

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Fungi Magazine Review

Hallucinogenic and Poisonous
Mushroom Field Guide
Gary Menser

Hallucinogenic and Poisonous
Mushroom Field Guide
is a reliable reference that shows readers how to identify, collect, and dry wild mushroom samples. Detailed, to scale line drawings accompany concise descriptions of the habitat of each species, along with information on its fruiting cycle and geographical range. The chemical qualities of both poisonous and psychoactive fungi are clearly explained.

This unique book features: 

    How to collect, identify, and dry samples 

    Useful keys and charts 

    Chemical qualities of psychoactive species 

    Genus and species detailed information 

    Taxonomy and identifying characteristics 

    Latin, microscopic and macroscopic glossaries 

    Fifty drawings and 32 color plates

Psilocybin and psilocin are both indole alkaloids which are closely related chemically. These alkaloids have been found in certain species of the genera Psilocybe, Panaeolus, Panaeolina, and Conocybe. 

Ingestion of mushrooms containing psilocybin will cause the body to metabolize the alkaloid to psilocin, and when distributed to the brain, psilocin will produce effects less pronounced and of a shorter duration than those observed with LSD. 

Psilocin is more than twice as strong as psilocybin. Baeocystin and norbaeocystin are also suspected of being active substances. These two alkaloids are found only in certain species of the genus Psilocybe.

Psilocin induces an altered state of awareness by interfering with the transmission of stimuli that regulate the processing of information. While the alkaloids are effective in small concentrations, no physical dependence results from the use of psilocin.

Repeated consumption of these mushrooms can quickly produce increased tolerance, requiring higher dosages for psychoactivity. Smoking psilocybin or psilocin is not believed to cause psychoactivity other than psychological psychoactivity.

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