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Isbn: 978157951-242-2

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Beverly A. Potter, PhD

CANNABIS FOR SENIORS is for seniors who are curious about cannabis and how they might use it to better their lives.


CANNABIS FOR SENIORS reviews research regarding the health effects of cannabis and the effectiveness of various strains for  managing specific health conditions and improving quality of life.


CANNABIS FOR SENIORS debunks myths and discusses concerns that seniors may have about cannabis use. Docpotter describes methods of using cannabis, explaining how to smoke, eat, and use topicals.


CANNABIS FOR SENIORS discusses ways seniors can use cannabis to manage various health concerns, one of which is the widespread use of powerful, potentially dangerous, addictive pharmaceutical medications. Docpotter explains how cannabis can help reduce, even avoid use of opioids, while ameliorating health conditions commonly experience including, insomnia, depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, pain, stress and anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and others. CANNABIS FOR SENIORS explains the research and anecdotal evidence supporting use of medical cannabis to enable seniors to better decide if they want to try using cannabis to soothe aliments.


CANNABIS FOR SENIORS discusses how using cannabis enlivens mood and encourages conviviality to facilitate socializing. Research shows that seniors who have positive interactions with friends, family members and community live longer, happier and healthier lives.


Seniors new to cannabis or an experienced user, both, will find much useful information in CANNABIS FOR SENIORS. Friends and relatives of seniors as well as caretakers and practitioners working with seniors will find it a valuable resource and interesting read.

"CANNABIS FOR  SENIORS is a good overview while still being complete. The book is a wonderful opportunity for seniors to see a natural alternative to main-stream medications with all their side effects, which will help relieve many of their symptoms."

—Dr. Beverly Mikuriya, M.D.


 Cannabis Users Guide for Seniors

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